Monday, April 2, 2012

there's no word for it in english.

In a similarly limited way man wants the truth: he desires the agreeable life-preserving consequences of truth, but he is indifferent to pure knowledge, which has no consequences; he is even hostile to possibly damaging and destructive truths. And, moreover, what about these conventions of language? Are they really the products of knowledge, of the sense of truth? Do the designations and the things coincide? Is language the adequate expression of all realities?
Only through forgetfulness can man ever achieve the illusion of possessing a 'truth' in the sense just designated. If he does not wish tone satisfied with truth in the form of a tautology- that is, with empty shells- then he will forever buy illusions for truths. What is a word? The image of a nerve stimulus in sounds. But to infer from the nerve stimulus, a cause outside us, that is already the result of a false and in justified application of the principle of reason...the different languages, set side by side, show that what matters with words is never the truth, never an adequate expression; else there would be so many languages. One designates only the relations of things to man.


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