Thursday, March 10, 2011

zack's science center

It's probably become evident in the preceding posts that I'm getting kind of bored of the working world. This is problematic because I have only actually been in it for two months. Lately I have felt like I have no creativity and by the end of the day I just want to get home. This is not my usual self because most of the time I feel very interested and motivated and I want to do things.

I decided that I need to do something to diversify my time and feel more imaginative like I used to. I decided to start volunteering teaching creative writing after work! The place that I chose is focused on creativity and innovation, so I think that I will love it. It is also kind of quirky (go figure) and the teaching center looks like a cave. Not like a run-down building kind of cave, an actual cave! Walking in there I felt like I was walking into Diagon Alley or some kind of hidden time portal. I also noticed that on the metro I saw the exact same guy get on the same train at two consecutive locations (which is impossible! but it happened!) so the time portal idea is not completely off base and I am feeling pretty confident about it. For some reason going into the cave also reminded me of when I was in grade school and we used to go on field trips to this little museum called "Zack's Science Center," which was the setting of some very special grade school memories for me. That is for 2 reasons. 1, they had a plethora of animals and you could hold any animal that had a green sticker on its cage. The green sticker meant "go ahead." You could maybe hold an animal with a yellow sticker on its cage, if you asked for someone to help you. That sticker meant "use caution." This included my personal favorite, the rabbits. It also included tarantulas, which I found to be pretty revolutionary at the time. If something had a red sticker you must leave it in its cage. This was the boring sticker which meant that you could just look at it. It included fish. Obviously I was not going to try to take the fish out of its cage anyway. I took this as condescending.

The 2nd reason for my affinity for Zack's Science Center was the planetarium. This was a small inflatable dome shaped like an igloo that took up about half of the center. You crawled in and the floor was lined with Christmas lights, and when you got to the dome part you watched a little show about space and the constellations projected on the convex ceiling. They connected together the stars in the constellations with lasers and then the shapes became animated and acted out the stories. You would lay on your back and watch Pegasus and Orion and Cassiopeia have adventures together for about an hour, and I remember listening to the stories but mostly just pretending that I had fallen into space.

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