Sunday, January 2, 2011

acres and acres

hello everybody, here are some pictures from my trip to arizona and some nights in chicago and champaign. i picked these because i liked the colors of all of them; kind of wintry looking but with really warm saturating color. i also added some quotes that i have been saving in my cell phone for months when i read something i like and don't have a notebook to write it down. i hope your christmas and new year were as beautiful as you are.

hot air balloon. so high up everything must look perfect from there.

"i have to examine the images that exist at the root of myself." -W magazine in a nordstrom in arizona

get a haircut hippie


on the way to meteor city

this tree looked like spiders

"in the basement of a hungarian church with all the papers scattered around and this striking energy and all the flickering candles" i wrote this in the middle of the night about something i was thinking about from when i went to budapest

"your energy recycles into everyone else's possible energy." i don't know where i heard this but i liked it

this seemed like a cult. WHERE DO I SIGN UP

"kerouac cassady london chimneys" i don't know why i wrote this but i still like it


packing up my room

"torrents of sunbursts" pablo neruda

neon watercolor sunset

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