Wednesday, December 8, 2010

in crooked streets of petersburg

I can't focus on writing or studying at all so these are some pictures and quotes I like. I hope my last post wasn't too crazy. You might notice I changed the name of my blog. I'm still in love with Bob Dylan but I wanted to change it because I didn't think it was fitting anymore. 'Arcana dictum' means 'secret words' (or something like that) in Latin. I wanted to call it 'arcana imperii'- 'secrets of the empire' but that also translated as 'state secrets' which I think has a different connotation that doesn't really make sense.

"As a writer, the only thing you have to offer is yourself. And your unfounded fears, your inexplicable quirks, your desires- as disturbing as they might be- are all part of you. So they all have to be in there too, somewhere, and this is probably one of those things that's applicable to most other things in life too." charlie kaufman

"If I had a rare quality, however, it was getting people to talk about themselves, listening, being always fascinated at the dignity, complexity, frailty and strength of ordinary people. The quality was surely borne of my own very ordinary background." walt harrington

"She sighed in the dark. 'What do you want out of life?' I asked, and I used to ask that all the time of girls.

'I don't know,' she said. 'Just wait on tables and try to get along.' She yawned. I put my hand over her mouth and told her not to yawn. I tried to tell her how excited I was about life and the things we could do together; saying that, and planning to leave Denver in two days. She turned away wearily. We lay on our backs, looking at the ceiling and wondering what God had wrought when He made life so sad." jack kerouac
fantasy love is much better than reality love. the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet. andy warhol

"america i used to be a communist when i was a kid and i'm not sorry." allen ginsberg

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