Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the bright-eyed choke on ambition

i'm in arizona now. haven't been able to write much because of traveling and getting ready for next semester, when i will be living in dc and interning for amnesty international. i might be living alone for the first time, ever. i really can't get through an episode of law and order svu without having to change the channel. you may be wondering if moving to a new city alone to work for an organization that deals with the worst human rights violations in the world is like facing your deepest fears all at once. that's a great question, thanks for asking. maybe i WILL be able to conquer all these fears at once: BAM!! and my time in dc will be a smashing success. or maybe it will be like treading water and not even waiting for the ladder to be pulled out of the pool, but saying that they can go ahead and take it- go ahead and take this ladder guys, i plan on swimmin for a while! then they pull up the ladder and then i'll be drowning.

living with someone else is nice because there is another heartbeat under the same roof. i can make them tea when they're sick.

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