Monday, December 20, 2010

winter, 4 am

i would like you to tell me everything. tell me of the night building the fort in the forest. of the plan to run away on a train. of the waves of lake michigan on your high school graduation. of the sleeping porch at your old house.

i would like to take those things still ailing you. give me the bird skeleton you found in your backyard when you were young. your matches and tylenol and headaches. what you saw that night. your sadness for your father. give it to me. time has proven ineffective, i will fix it for you.


  1. would my sadness as a gift be welcomed? my father is only sad when im gone, and this is worse for me. as for the baby bird skelly..i'll give you my dog.
    thank you for this poem, this is brave to take burdens. be wary.