Sunday, November 14, 2010

the order of skull & bones

I realized that the stuff I've posted lately has been boring. I'm sorry. That's so lame. Here's a picture of a research symposium, a little anecdote about my job search, blah blah blah. Here's some things that are actually interesting.

i used to write the coolest stories when i was a little kid. and i would be so obsessed with them that i would tell to anyone who was interested in hearing. almost all of them involved characters from candyland or little books i was reading coming alive and taking me to a magical land. the one i remember most was about a brontosaurus that found a magical flower with a ruby inside. when the brontosaurus found the flower, it opened up and gave him the ruby. he took it away with him into the jungle.

also, i'm pretty sure that i have an existential mystery to be solved. if anyone is feeling up to this i would really appreciate it.

my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.

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