Friday, November 12, 2010

how we are hungry

I have been so so exhausted lately. Not the bad, drained kind of exhausted where you don't want to do anything; the kind where the days are so full and ridiculous that when you get back the last thing you can do is reflect on everything that happened. Here are some of my pictures from the past few weeks. The squiggly light ones are from the candles that were set up all over the Quad for Diwali. There are some from Halloween and a research symposium I worked at. There are also some pictures of me with one of my idols, Dave Eggers. Here are some things I've heard lately that I like. I am feeling so tired and inarticulate I don't have any good kind of explanation or context, so I'm just going to list them.

"Kathy defied most stereotypes, as do most human beings."

Dave Eggers

"I guess the whole problem is that journalists are constantly accused of fiction and fiction writers are accused of truth. Can't you just write?"

My anthropology/journalism professor

"Don't rush into what you are going to do the second you get out of college because you think you have to. You need to stop and address the other parts of the world and the other parts of yourself."

Dave Eggers

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  1. Those photos from the quad during Diwali are amazing! Do you think I could get copies or see more sometime?