Wednesday, October 27, 2010

you forgot it in people

It's the first day of November. I love November. It is the perfect place between fall and winter. I only have a month and a half left of my undergraduate studies, and then I am moving to DC for the semester to intern for Amnesty International. Interning there, and developing a sense of the international issue that I feel most strongly about while continuing to write, is the next step in what I have outlined as my current life's ambition.

I went to see one of my professors today to ask him his advice about things I should do to work toward my goals while I'm in DC. He asked me a lot of questions about what I want to do, and I explained everything to him as succinctly as possible. It's hard because so many things appeal to me that I change my mind all the time. I like so many things that it is hard to know what I would be happiest doing. That could actually be a really good thing, couldn't it?

My professor basically said that what I wanted to do was admirable but lofty, and that I should keep my focus and try to make it work. He called my plans 'grandiose,' (perhaps a euphemism for naive) but said that grandiose plans are the best thing I could have at this age. Life seems to often jade people, so if you don't start off a little bit idealistic, where will you be in 20 years? Things might not work out exactly as you want in life, but you have to try. I try to remember that the things I attract into my life will be in conjunction with my dominant thoughts, so that I have to think positively. That sounded like a bunch of little quotes I just strung together, but it wasn't.

I thought that what my professor was saying was really refreshing to hear. He said talking to a student who hadn't resigned to the fact that their goals were unattainable made his day. Talking to an adult who still hasn't resigned to that made my day. I hope you have a good day too.

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