Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it's so cold in alaska

I've realized (and it's been pointed out to me, more than once) that what I write here has gradually progressed from well-written quasi essay entries to often incoherent, strange palaver. I think it's because I have come to the conclusion that writing is more enjoyable when I don't think about how it will be received. I don't really like recapping my day or writing about things I don't find to be actually interesting.

I wish I had an SLR to take higher-quality pictures. I wish I had more time to edit pictures and make them look how I want them to look or how I thought they looked in the moment. Actually, it's really not true that I don't have the time or resources to edit pictures. I work in a computer lab. What I mean is that I don't have the patience to spend time on it (and I need to dedicate a lot of the time to homework, career researching, blah blah blah). I didn't take any of the pictures in my last post, and usually I don't. It's pretty obvious if they're my pictures by the entry.

I've started spending more time on serious subjects, and I guess writing in here is a chance to actually say what I want to say (unless I cited something at the bottom, I wrote it), and keep track of things I find to be beautiful. It's refreshing, and I feel like it's a manifestation of my imagination. And if you actually enjoy reading it, I'm glad. Thank you so much for reading what I write. This blog has become a foray into how I think, and if you like it, that's the best thing I could ever hear.

Here is something I read in Anthropology 414 by Edward Sapir I really liked. I hope you do, too. It's beautiful (you are too, and somebody probably thought that about you today). It's not the whole poem, just my favorite part.

i send you this. through the monotony
of mumbling melody, the established fall
and rise of the slow dreaming ritual
through the dry glitter of the desert sea
and sharpness of the mesa, keep the flowing
of your spirit, in many branching ways
be running mirrors to the colored maze
not pool enchanted nor a water slowing.

edward sapir, january 1926

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  1. I love reading your words. Love it. Keep on writing, dreaming, thinking, quoting, expressing yourself. There is so much worth in it. Thank you for sharing :)