Wednesday, August 18, 2010


you've become a fixation for me and i'd let your skin drench and consume me like the south american sun. would you feed my hunger with your own? we could look at all the rooftops in la paz, reflecting the southern hemisphere rays and all the promises that were made and forgotten that you can't see when you're farther up. it looks as perfect as when you watch a city fade away from an airplane window and you can't see the human drama permeating the streets; all the houses lined up like terracotta crayons in a box. we're so far above it all now. the thought catches my breath in my throat- i can barely breathe in this city and all the noise in my head is so much quieter. we're so high up, no pressure to keep us here and coming down will ring me out.

you think it's wrong for me? that it's impermanent and won't sustain. that's been the nature of most things i've ever had; coming and going with the fleeting intensity of a summer sunburn. it's all fervor and desire. for a while it makes it better- like sleeping on the ground or staying up all night. i've been reading too much henry miller.

we are so far from where we were, from where i'm from. i'm with you and they've lost us anyway, like hemmingway and all his friends.

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