Thursday, July 29, 2010

sin nombre

could we wander around with the same whirlwind lust that we used to? now, now. where everything lit up for us like that night after your cousin's graduation party, when we snuck off near the pond and the whole thing started glowing like an amorphous cloud and the moment seemed to settle into our bones like the fireflies on the grass, and it was like all our blood was transfused between us? you told me you could read the story the stars were pouring onto the ground, and the story was just as much of us as anyone else in the world. they asked us if we could remember when we were all part of stars ourselves. i told them i couldn't remember, but when i come back i know i will. it will flood back into me like a child finally finding their block after they rode their bike farther away than they ever had before. i couldn't remember feeling more connected to someone than i did then. with you, and connected with everyone else that could hear them too. i can't forget these events that happened, because they have been breathed into every atom i have and etched into the history of the universe like everything else.

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