Tuesday, June 22, 2010

white light white heat

We were next to each other on one of the most crowded buses I have ever been on, as it only is in Bolivia, and I barely knew him but he was basically forced to sit on top of me. His English was really elementary, and most of the time he addressed me in soft Spanish with accompanying hand gestures. He started explaining the sprawling rainforest landscape, and I understood almost all of the narration- he spoke slowly enough that I could understand nearly every word. He barely broke eye contact for the ten minute bus ride, so I didn't either. For some reason there wasn't the usual amount of communication lost in translation, resulting in a rudimentary understanding of each other. It felt like something was gained- like someone had taken the moment and plugged it into an electric socket. That the only parts of the conversation that were there were the ones that were conductors, and everything around us was coated in waves of energy. If I touched anything a jolting buzz would emanate into my blood. Not in a way that would be painful, but in a way that would make me feel alive. I didn't touch anything though, I just watched the current pulsing around and listened to the foreign language, intermittently nodding with "Sí, sí, entiendo," until we arrived at the río.

so i look for your eyes, and the waves of light that pour right out of them.
yo la tengo

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