Saturday, May 8, 2010

turning your orbit around

Your pupil is like a black hole, and when I look at you it's as if I I can't see anything aside from it. Everything around me gets caught up in the inertia and the matter all goes hurtling toward you. The light getting pulled in makes streaks that look like fire scorching against the sky. I go tumbling down but don't hit anything, it's just that my sense of direction gets thrown to hell and I lose where I was going in the first place. You don't see it, but I can barely maintain the path I'm on, the force is too consuming. If I resist it little parts will fracture off into the tide. I know that I should want my autonomy back, but I don't. The universe is too infinite without you keeping me here, and I don't want to get lost in the expanse. If I go too far I will get colder and colder and freeze like Hoth. If I wasn't straining against the gravity I would be spun out in the opposite direction and I would never be back again.

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