Sunday, April 4, 2010

then i'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours

We can go back to that secret meadow we found, with the little stream running through it and the old willow tree. We can talk about anything you want. You can tell me all your secrets, or we can talk about mermaids or the Freemasons. We don't have to talk though, I don't mind not talking when I'm with you. As the sun begins to set we can go into the treehouse we made last summer, where we lined the floor with the glittery stones we found on the beach that one day.

I still remember that day, when we made the huge sand castle with the moat. And when you stood up all the sand fell out of your hair and I couldn't remember seeing someone look more beautiful than you did in that moment.

We can stay up in the treehouse, and then we'll have that adventurous feeling of being out when we should be sleeping. We can watch the lightning bugs flicker on and off as the daylight fades away. Do you want to go back there? I want to go back.

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