Thursday, April 1, 2010

gone to look for america

The following photos are from my service trip to the Appalachian Mountains. We volunteered in Jonesville, Virginia. I can't stop thinking about it. I get a lot of satisfaction out of manual work, and after spending every waking moment with the same five kids I became a little obsessed with them. It was so bizarre seeing how drastically different it was in another region of the United States. I want to learn about different places and lifestyles, everywhere. I need perspective and I need to know what is out there.

I love traveling and I learn so much more from it than I do in school. Lately I can't stand sitting in a classroom. Can't. Stand. All I want to do is go everywhere and be a sponge. I want to help, too. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with a completely sedentary lifestyle.

The other day one of my professors told me I was not creative. That was pretty difficult to hear because it is one of the characteristics that I think I most strongly possess. I know he's wrong, but it was still demoralizing. Other people will doubt you, but you must never doubt yourself.


  1. Gotta tell you that I feel the EXACT same way. Lately I cannot stand being in a classroom. I'm just so bored. I get so much more out of other experiences I've had on campus and I find myself thinking about and giving so much more time to them. I also feel like I just want to get out into the world and travel and see different people and places and actually experience something.

  2. PS: What the hell was that professor thinking?!?! I know I may not have seen you in a while, but even so I KNOW that you are creative!!! He totally did not know who he was talking about.

  3. It's so hard to focus in class for me now! It's restlessness I guess. You're not alone in wanting to get out of the classroom. And the professor was kind of talking in terms of my performance (what I would call a distinct disinterest in the subject matter) in his class. It was depressing anyway though. Thank you for your reassurance, your opinion means much more than his anyway :)