Monday, February 15, 2010

they have a secret world

There are certain songs that remind me of feelings I've had throughout my life. Today, while listening to the song 'Kim and Jessie' by M83, I was reminded me of a feeling I had one night in late June the summer after my junior year of high school.

My best friend Alex's house was getting torn down and then rebuilt, so they were living in a small apartment about 10 minutes away. One night we decided to see how the construction was progressing.

We visited the lot and found it to be at the stage where the infrastructure of the house is essentially completed, with no walls or intricacies inside. Against our better judgment we climbed into the skeleton of the house to explore. The air was at the temperature where it was neither balmy nor cool; the kind where it feels like there is simply nothing surrounding you outside your own skin, and the sky was spectacularly clear. The wooden beams were drenched in pools of silvery moonlight that reflected off of them like bones.

We skipped through the thoracic cage of the living room and kitchen, murmuring about whether or not there was something technically wrong with what we were doing. I remember Alex wondering aloud about the kind of events that would unfold in the house in the next few years.

The stairs were unsupported ledges winding through a marrow of beams. We bounded up them faster than could possibly have been safe, and the second floor was even more precarious with wood panels set apart by gaps forming an incomplete floor. A single clavicle beam stretched over our heads forming the border of our ascent. At that moment, the panels beneath us were bathed in a shimmering glow that seemed to make the whole structure alive with promise and magic. I remember looking at Alex as the headlights of the cars pulsed by and wondering if the entire house had just shuddered beneath us.

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