Monday, January 4, 2010

best of the season 2009

In the flurry of holiday Christmas cards there are three main stereotypes. The first, and generally most entertaining, is the kind where a family includes not only a photo but a detailed letter entitling the year's accomplishments of each family member. The tone of these has a broad range, and they can go from interesting to laughable. The second kind is that which has a message such as 'May Peace be Yours this Holiday Season' or 'Season's Greetings!' and is followed by the family's name under the printed greeting. Unless a particularly interesting graphic adorns the cover, it is hard not to wonder why they wasted the paper. The third kind are from campaigning politicians reminding you of the upcoming election, or people like real estate agents reminding you that they are there for your real estate needs. While people may get annoyed by these barely concealed attempts to bolster business, they are fairly to the point.

This season there were two standout cards that arrived at my house. The first was addressed to 'Ox and Midge,' but had our address underneath. After reading the envelope I was really confused...were Ox and Midge previous owners? That would be strange, since we have lived in our house for over ten years. Inside the card it said 'Say hi to Lucy and Jack.' At that point I understood. Ox, Midge, Lucy and Jack were characters from the movie 'While You Were Sleeping,' a romantic comedy that was shot partly in our house in 1995. They were played by Peter Boyle, Micole Mercurio, Sandra Bullock, and Bill Pullman, respectively. I thought this was hilarious. I really wonder what the thought process was behind the people that sent the card.
The card made me remember the actual shooting of the movie and how much fun it was. The two most memorable instances were when my Mom had to leave the house because one of us was sick at school, and Sandra Bullock ended up babysitting my younger sister. To appease my younger sister, the director sent stage grips to 7-11 to buy several tubs of ice cream.

The second interesting card was addressed to my older sister and was from American indie sensation 'Ra Ra Riot.' It may be because my older sister is on the street team for Barsuk Records. I don't know, though, receiving a hand-written card from a band that headlined Lollapalooza was pretty exciting.

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